Parties: The costs are R500 for the venue and is payable in advance as the deposit for your date. The there is R90 (Stokbread and wors) per child OR R120 (Stokbread and wors with all the sweets and cooldrinks) per child. All parties are 3 hours long except if otherwise requested and photos are taken to keep the memories of the special day.

Lapa Hiring: The cost of hiring the lapa is R2000 for 6 hours for 1-80 people. A quote for the hire of cutlery and crockery can be requested.

Group accommodation: We can currently house 140 in common rooms and 21 in single/double rooms at a cost of R150p.p.p.n that does not include meals.

Meals: The cost for meals are sets out as follows:

  • Breakfast - R65
  • Lunch - R75
  • Supper - R85
  • Supper (Braai) - R150

Camps: The cost for a camp is between R900 and a R1500, depending on what is requested for the camp. The program is developed for your needs.

Different camps:

  • Voortrekker camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Hockey camps
  • Teambuilding camps
  • Any camp that you request is likely possible