Parties: The costs are R500 for the venue and is payable in advance as the deposit for your date. The there is R70 (Stokbread and wors with a ice lolly and toffee) per child OR R100 (Stokbread and wors with all the sweets and cooldrinks as well as the ice lolly and toffee) per child. The price of a Paintball party is R20 more for each option. All parties are 3 hours long except if otherwise requested and you receive a CD with photos of all tge activities.

Lapa Hiring: The cost of hiring the lapa is R1700 for 6 hours, for every hour extra it is an additional R300. A quote for the hire of cutlery and crockery can be requested.

Camps: The cost for a camp is between R600 and a R1500, depending on what is requested for the camp. The program is developed for your needs.

Different camps:

  • Voortrekker camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Hockey camps
  • Teambuilding camps