We are a unique party venue that has a variety of activities to choose from. We are situated in Pretoria East, contact us for more directions.  
Are you up for a fun adventurous party for boys and girls with a bush-braai that includes "stokbrood" and wors? Then you just have to spend your special day with us!
There can be chosen from the following activities:
·    Obstacle course
This is for the kids that want to climb and slide, crawl in the mud and much more.
·    Amazing Race
Can you follow leads and keep direction? Then this one is for you...
·    Paintball
We use child friendly Paintball guns so that all the children can enjoy it thoroughly. The objective of the game is to find the other teams token. May the best team win!
·    Fear Factor
This one is not for the faint hearted, and is only for the children with marrow in there bones. Can you feel the crunchy cockroach between your teeth?
·    Water sports/Boeresport
From water-balloon throwing, bag racing, wheelbarrow pushing, rope pull and much more it can only be fun.
·    Water-gun war
Play Cowboys and Crooks with water-guns in the bush. Which team is going to be the driest?
·    Minute to Win It
Can you pick u pa cotton ball with your nose or balance a toothbrush on a hat? Then these games are for you!
·    Survivor
Two tribes competing against each other to see who can complete the most challenges!
·    Treasure Hunt
Find clues to help you to find the Treasure!
·    Night-party (Only September-April)
Does lantern crawling and ghost stories around the fire excite your imagination? Then this one is for you!



For more information on our prices and option contact us as well when not one of these activities excite you so that we can look as possible combinations.